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About Room for Love


Room for Love

Mission statement-

Lovingly creating rooms for children to positively boost their enthusiasm and outlook on life.


Room for Love stands as a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to crafting enchanting spaces tailored for children facing health challenges, special needs, economic adversity, or impacted by substance use disorder.

The significance of a dedicated space for a child's growth and well-being cannot be understated. A child's bedroom ought to be a sanctuary, a place of solace, and an embodiment of their individuality.

According to Susanna Salk, an esteemed design expert, author of "Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play," and a mother of two, "It's about nurturing an emotional bond and providing a support system within the child's room—a haven for safety, comfort, contemplation, recharging, and a peaceful night's sleep."

Our devoted volunteers understand the essence of creating a haven where children can feel secure and at ease. Empowering them to design and shape their own space is paramount.

Initiating with a consultation, we engage the children by asking, "What matters most to you? What elements do you wish to have? How do you envision spending time in your room?"

Subsequently, our adept team materializes this vision into reality, ensuring that each child's dreams and aspirations manifest within their own personalized space.

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