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Room for Love

2023 Winter Room Renovations
In December-right before the holidays-we will be giving Junie and Enzo amazing room renovations!


Meet Junie!

This sweet little girl is one of our sibling room renovation recipients! We saw what a positive impact renovating her brother Nolan's room had on him, and we just had to do the same for his little sister!

You can help make her room extra special by donating to Room for Love today!

Introducing Enzo!

Enzo is Lani + Kailyn's brother and he's about to get his own room redesigned by our team! You can help make his room super cool by making a donation to Room for Love today! Together, we can help make a positive impact on this deserving boy's life!



Our Sponsors for the Winter Make-overs


Room for Love

2023 Fall Room Reveals!

Nolan's new room reveal! ๐ŸŽ‰

Nolan's new room reveal! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Nolan is nine years old and lives in Newmarket, NH. He was nominated for a room renovation by New Generation, a non-profit organization serving women and children affected by domestic abuse, homelessness and substance abuse. 

 has been through a lot of trauma and has faced numerous challenges at a young age but still continues to strive to be the best kid he can be. After a long three years, he finally was able to move back home with his mom into a stable environment. Nolan is a very caring and empathetic child. A new room will allow him to have a special place of his own in his new home. 

Nalani & Kailyn
Nalani and Kailyn are sisters living in Portsmouth, NH. "Lani" was nominated by Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire. However, when our design team realized that Lani shared a room with her older sister, Kailyn, they were beyond excited to be able to create a special place for the two girls! 

At six years old, Nalani is the youngest child in her family. Both of Nalani's siblings have learning and physical disabilities that require extra attention from Mom.  Getting a room renovation that reflects Lani's personality will give her a special place where she can grow, create and thrive!